It is perceived that over a century old Christianity in Manipur has no impact on its Muslim community even though hundreds of churches have already been in existence in this land. Hardly left any community unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but still Muslims (the second largest community in Manipur) have been considered unreachable by churches in Manipur.

This unfortunate situation went on until a life of a Muslim young man became the turning point of this sad history. On the way to his spiritual quest, the young man (of an orthodox Muslim family) received Christ as his Lord and Saviour in 1986. His joyful salvation experience led him to realize the tremendous need of such salvation for his community too, who were indeed perishing without it. He knew that his new found Master was the only Light of life and the Lord of salvation who saves mankind from their sins and a real hunger to tell this Good News to the Muslim world was born in his heart. Slowly but surely his Master guided him to transform his hunger into a mission of his life. He continued to nurture it with faith and prayer.

The cost of his conversion was so costly that he had to passed through many trials and dangerous roads for years during which he was also disciplined and trained for the purpose for which he was called out. In 1995 his Master opened a way to begin the Mission- a mission that would witness Christ to Muslims, and as a result this ministry entitled as LIGHT OF THE WORLD (NOOR-E-ALAM) was born. But very soon he confronted many attacks from his community and some Muslim undergrounds as well and as a result he had to leave Manipur and stayed in Assam for some years until 2001. He returned to Manipur in the beginning of 2002 and since then he (with his family) continued in his work in Manipur. This ministry is meant for Manipur and neighbouring states at large.

The mentioned missionary is non other than Bro. Manigun Sayed who was born in 1965 in a remote village called Nongpok Sekmai (Thoubal District of Manipur, one of the North Eastern states of India) and brought up in an orthodox Muslim family there under a serious Islamic religious and cultural teachings and discipline. He heard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ from a Presbyterian evangelist called Mr. Rakhon Heisnam in the beginning of 1985. After the confrontation with the Presbyterian evangelist, he began to search the truth about the person and mission of Jesus Christ and slowly he was being convinced of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and acepted Him as his Lord and Saviour in the middle of 1986 followed by water baptism in 13th July of the same year.

Now he (with his family) is serving Christ among the Muslims in Manipur and neighbouring states at large. Serving among the Muslims in Manipur is not an easy task at all. The people of Manipur have been tasting the bitterness of terrors and lot of insecurities and greatly unpredictable life from many state terrorist groups and terrorising state and Indian security forces who are vicitimising innocent people of this land under a savage Indian law called Armed Forces Special Power Act . Therefore, we need unceasing and earnest prayers from His people all over the world for revival and peace in Manipur which will give us progress and a little bit freedom in our soulwinning works.


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